ChoiceLife Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock Nature Night Light with FM Radio Function and Touch Control and USB Charger


    • The sunrise simulation light will gradually get brighter from 25% of brightness to 100% at your set time and gently bring you out of sweet dream to welcome a refreshed day.
    • 5 natural sounds which is really collected from an untraversed region let you revel in the nature and touch the smells of the nature, finally feel the beauty of the nature. As well as 1 FM radio
    • It can act as an atmosphere lamp, Touch the color key to choose your favorite color (warm light (white light), green, red, blue and purple). it can act also as a table lamp with 4 brightness settings in warm light mode to protect your eyes when you read the book in dark light or work with the notebook.
    • it is perfect and very suitable for these peoples who prefer to lie in bed for a little time than get up immediately when waking up. for they can switch on the FM radio and scan the channel they like. Enjoy the radio and relax themselves, getting prepared for a new day.

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